Plans to Reduce Flooding Risk in Willaston Welcome

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor Brian Silvester has welcomed plans to reduce flooding risk in Willaston. He said, "During periods of moderate to significant rainfall  there is a risk of flooding in Coppice Road due to the condition and capacity of the drainage system. Initially the initial study work will seek to identify any specific and immediate concerns for remedial work and inform the production of a hydraulic model to identify flood risk more accurately. This in turn will inform decisions on how best to manage this flood risk to property and infrastructure. Once this has been completed the work needed to reduce the flood risk can be done. Flooding has been  a problem in this part of the village for many years. I formerly  served on the Regional Flood Defence Committee and I raised the concerns in relation to Willaston. I am sure that local residents will be very pleased that action is to be taken."

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