Police Recommendations To Help Prevent Rural Crime

Help prevent Rural Crime

There are many forms of security to prevent intruders entering property belonging to you, from simple padlocks to CCTV and intruder alarms.

I am asking for you to make it harder for these offenders and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime by reviewing your own security.

Simple measures to think about:

Car Security:

Keep Valuables out of sight, take items inside do not leave them in your car.  When travelling think where you position your handbag/briefcase, keep you doors locked.
Security mark valuable items and make sure you log identification marks, serial numbers etc.

Home security:

Do not leave keys by the back door, offenders can reach in and take them.
Consider Security lights, alarms and locks on window/ doors, timers for lights and shutting curtains.

And yes, let’s go back to those days when communities engaged with each other. If you have neighbours you can trust let them know if you are out/away. Consider being part of Neighbourhood watch scheme/Cheshire Police Alert.

Nominated neighbours, be there for the elderly neighbour who may be more vulnerable than you. Don’t let them answer doors to people they are not expecting, speak to them on their behalf.

And most of all do not broadcast your holidays/business trips on FaceBook or Twitter, or post pictures while you are away. You never know who is watching.

Farm/small holdings:

Consider Property hardening, lock gates, machinery, items of value and take keys with you. Don’t make it so easy for offenders.

Question people who you do not recognise (especially on busy yards) make a note of car registration numbers.

If possible make entrances minimal, have a single gated entrance.

Use Natural boundaries as deterrents- such as thorn hedges. BUT keep things lower to prevent easy cover for offenders to work behind.

Consider Diesel dyes, and have locks on your containers.

Plant equip- locked, not on view, ground anchors/ wheel locks. Log down serial and model numbers.

Secure gate/door hinges

If you have gates use them, anything that takes longer for offenders to get in makes it less inviting and creates more chances of them being seen and caught.

Call 101 to report non-urgent issues or crimes or 999 in an emergency.

You can also visit www.cheshire.police.uk    (home safety and security) or contact your local Nantwich team on nantwich.npt@cheshire.pnn.co.uk for further information on security advice.

Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111