Britain in Bloom

For several years now, the efforts of the Parish Council’s Britain in Bloom Committee have been rewarded by an award in the North West In Bloom competition, with the “Silver Gilt” award being the highest accolade for the last three years, but we have never achieved a “Gold” first place for the small town category.

North West in Bloom is judged not just on the floral displays put up the Council, but also on the community involvement – individuals and commercial premises – in helping to maintain those displays and making their contributions with their own frontages or front gardens.

We would desperately like to win first place, and with your help we are sure that this can be achieved.  At the same time we are keen to make Willaston a floral village in every season of the year for the benefit of the community. 

How can you help?

Join the band of volunteers – planting, weeding and watering – either for your own immediate locality or for the whole village. 

Become a carer of a bed, tub or hanging basket near your house, regularly weeding and watering in exchange for a mini plaque with your name on. 

Sponsor the cost of flowers for a bed or tub – again sponsorship recognised by a plaque, this help may be more suited for commercial interests within the village. Please contact Wayne Lewis on 01270 665414 for further info. 

Enter the village competition.  For 2015, we are inviting entries from the whole village in six categories:-

Best front garden – for the larger front gardens (more than 20 square metres) with a lawn or large bed.

Best frontage – for the smaller front gardens (less than 20 square metres) with mainly tubs/troughs and hanging baskets.

Best hidden garden – one not easily spotted by passers-by.

Best commercial premises – all businesses in the village are encouraged to create a floral display on the public face of their premises.

Best allotment – different variations of vegetables, how well-maintained the plot is.  

Best children’s “Willaston in bloom” article -  this will form part of our portfolio (no more than 1400 words or 2 A4 sided which can include any photos of flowers shrubs, beds tubs).  Please email your article to

Prizes are awarded in each category, to be announced at a ceremony later this year. Please note that judging in the above areas will take place on Friday 3rd July 2015, with the village being judged on Wednesday 8th July at 10:30am.  

Please make every effort to keep your village a beautiful and colourful place to live.