Britian in Bloom

John Bebbington has an allottment at Willaston and has won many prizes for his families show of incredible vegetables. Did you see the piece about John Bebbington and his grandson that was shown this month on BBC2 from the Tatton show which did wonders for Vegetable growing and in particular for children who want to grow veggies. You can check it out on BBC I player. John’s Grandson Ayden is only seven and really does grow his own stuff on John’s allotment in Willaston which he also won many awards for at this months Nantwich show.

John Bebbington with Grandson Ayden

John Bebbington with Grandson Ayden carefuly holding one of Grandads precious onions!

John bebbingto and Ayden with Monty Don

John bebbington and Ayden with Monty Don

Ayden John Bebbingtons Grandson

Ayden, John Bebbington’s Grandson

Onions John Bebbington

John showed three onions as grown with the biggest 19 inches in circumference.