‘Pebbleart’ in Willaston

Willaston friendship rocks

‘Pebbleart’ is making an artistic impact in Willaston near Nantwich.

Participants are encouraged to paint a rock and then hide it in the hope of making a stranger smile when they find it.

Pebbles from craft shops or public places are painted with acrylic paints or permanent pens. Pebbles can have a theme such as Disney, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. The pebbles are then hidden or placed in places such as next to a path, a park bench or even on a high street.

Anyone who finds a painted pebble can leave it where it is or re-hide, then take a photo of it for the Facebook group page.

A national ‘Love on the rocks uk’ Pebbleart Facebook group currently has over 55,000 members and has resulted in local Facebook groups being setup across the United Kingdom for people to share their ideas and places to look.

‘Willaston Friendship Rocks’ started when pupils from the Art Club at Willaston Primary Academy made their own pebbleart, which were then hidden within the school grounds. Pupils could hunt for the rocks at lunchtime, then hide them for someone else.

The pupils involved liked that the rocks helped to spread joy so are encouraged to hide them again rather than take them away for safekeeping.

The activity became so popular that children asked their parents if they could make their own in their spare time and hide them around the village.

As a result the ‘Willaston Friendship Rocks’ Facebook group was founded in February this year by parents from the school to allow their children to see others getting joy from their rocks.

‘Willaston Friendship Rocks’ has been a huge success and the FWSA (Friends of Willaston School Association) have also become involved and decorated their own rocks in readiness for the 39th World Worm Charming Championships at Willaston Primary Academy on Saturday 23rd June 2018 (gates open 1pm). There are four worm-themed rocks to find around the village.

A representative from ‘Willaston Friendship Rocks’ said: “This has become popular with parents as it is a free activity to get children out of the house and away from a screen for a bit and it’s lots of fun.”

To join the group please search for Willaston Friendship Rocks on Facebook.

Jonathan White

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